Month: October 2019

92% of working Singaporeans are stressed (2019)

92% of working Singaporeans are stressed Workplace stress is on the rise. More needs to be done by employers in Singapore to address these issues. Full report in the link.  Cigna 2019 Well-being survey Excerpt: Lack of support at work More than half of Singaporean women surveyed feel that senior management do not support workplace wellness programs enough, while 59 per cent of them feel that workplace wellness programmes need to better address the needs of each gender. Furthermore, only 33 per cent of all respondents, both male and female, say they have a formal workplace wellness program – and only half of them participate in these. “This highlights the need to reassess how beneficial and/or accessible these programs are to employees,” the study said. Additionally, 44 per cent of respondents feel that these programmes are not focused enough on mental well-being.  
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