Mindfulness & ACT For Professionals

Whether you are an entrepreneur fronting your own company, a middle manager of a small firm or a senior executive of a multi-million corporation, you will be no stranger to the modern-day phenomenon of mental stress at the workplace.

Work stress does not affect the mere individual; it impacts negatively on the company’s bottomline. Escalating levels of absenteeism, rising employee turnover and reduced productivity levels have taken a drastic indirect toll on corporate revenues, while higher medical expenses and insurance premiums contribute significantly to costs.

And in spite of the startling statistic of an astounding US$300 billion incurred annually in stress-related expenses by organisations*, it is estimated that only one in two firms have emotional and psychological employee programmes in place.

Here at The Conscious Zone, we endeavour to help corporations empower their people to raise wellbeing and resilience levels, to be optimally engaged at work and to elevate performance standards. This is made possible through understanding psychological flexibility as part of Acceptance and Commitment Training and use of the Prosocial Matrix – a tool for enhancing leadership and improving employee engagement.

Here are some of the benefits of Mindfulness and ACT for professionals

  • Reduce stress and increase wellbeing and resilience
  • Help cope with the overload of information prevalent today
  • Help with increased engagement
  • Create awareness and curiosity
  • Enable a response to situations rather than a reaction
  • Change the culture of teams and organisations
  • Develop a high performance culture

To help your co-workers, corporate teams or even your own professional self embark on a journey of consciousness, please get in touch for a complimentary consultation session.

What some of our clients say:

Mallika was a speaker at our first wellness themed mini-workshop series. She is someone who is truly passionate about the topic around wellness and stress management. She brings an innovative take on stress management by bringing in games and tools that get participants engaged and interacting throughout. She is definitely an expert in the area and I’d definitely recommend her to organisations wanting to help their employees find practical tools to addressing stress and mindfulness.

Priyadarshini Thillainathan
Global People and Organisational Development Partner (Senior Manager), Grab


Mallika did a fabulous job helping us identify our strengths as a small team spread out across 4 locations in APAC. We were able to formulate some concrete actions, towards building a cohesive and high-performing team.

Fatima Khellafi
Senior Legal Counsel, Vice President, T. Rowe Price


Mallika delivered a short workshop on Pro-Social Matrix during our Learning Week in Singapore which had great participation by over 100 employees. The workshop was highly appreciated as it deals with the very fundamentals of our self-consciousness and our own behaviours and thoughts when we are met with adversity or challenge. The topic is very relevant to all, as we all deal with some level of stress, uncertainty, competition and adversity; and Mallika focused on the keys to overcome those by focusing on our self-reaction/ response to those situations. Mallika’s delivery style is very empathetic and personable which enables the participants to open up and share without hesitation. Overall, I would recommend this workshop to teams, individuals or organizations who operate in a VUCA world and need to be resilient to keep their focus & drive.

Shilpa Rawat
Learning Solutions Manager, Schneider Electric

With an increasing focus on the mental wellness of our people in the Singapore office, Mallika was able to provide a fantastic introduction to mindfulness across a few sessions and left a lasting impact on many of the attendees. Conversation has flowed since the mindfulness sessions were delivered with practical applications being encouraged and utilised by Specialists through to Senior Management. Wonderful presenter and great knowledge of the subject matter.

BHP Asia

Mallika has a fantastic understanding of Mindfulness and was extremely proficient in her approach to the topic. She conducted a 2 hour workshop for my team and her ability to connect with the audience was amazing. She worked with all of our constraints happily and the session was interactive and customized to what we were after. I look forward to liaising more with Mallika and appreciate her willingness to put herself out there for her clients!

Neha H. Narang
Senior Client Consulting Manager, FactSet Singapore PTE. Ltd.

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