I worked with Mallika on a project with AbbVie during the COVID 19 pandemic. With the big changes that everyone was going through, we felt it was very important to ensure that we helped support their mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the ways we supported our team was through helping to build a resilient mindset through the practice of mindfulness. Mallika is an excellent mindfulness coach, an intuitive listener and a collaborative partner to work with.

Vanessa Teo
Head of Talent Management and Development, AbbVie


Mallika created a value based conflict resolution workshop for Sojern. Over the course of the last three years the team in APAC has grown from 10 to 75. Having fast growth requires our teams to be in sync at all times. The content and interactive sessions Mallika organized were incredibly valuable for the teams. The feedback from all 20 attendees was unanimous; the workshop was: valuable, engaging, interactive and actionable in their daily lives. We would welcome Mallika’s expert training in the future when the need arises.

Katy Gallagher
Senior Sales Director, Sojern


Global Safety Day is an important event in Anglo American’s calendar, where all operations globally stop and we reflect on safety and how to live it 365 days a year 24/7.   Our 2019 Global Safety Day had a focus on psychological safety and mental wellness, and Mallika was the keynote speaker to all 200+ staff in our Singapore.   Mallika provided an engaging and practical session on mindfulness in the workplace, with plenty of practical applications, laughs, and interaction.  Feedback from attendees was highly positive, given her engaging style, deep knowledge of the subject matter, and ability to make it relevant to a corporate workplace.

Emily Teoh
Book Owner, Met Coal Marketing, Anglo American


I asked the Conscious Zone to do a half-day session for me and my new joiner, who sits long-distance from me in Hong Kong. Our session included an introduction into mindfulness and stress reduction. Then we discussed what our top strengths are and mapped them to understand how we complement each other. This was particularly useful to help surface some areas where we both needed to develop, and that we may not have pinpointed very well under our current long-distance working arrangement. Mallika gave us lots of ideas and suggestions to try out and we are working on how to implement a few of them into our daily routines. At the end of the session, my new joiner thought that the session was useful to help build our team bond stronger. Some of the takeaways we had were to hone in on a few strengths to further develop and come up with plans of action to get there. As a manager, I believe this coursework helped to deepen our relationship in an open and safe environment.

Camille O’Sullivan
Head of Business Risk | APAC, T. Rowe Price


Mallika effortlessly helped our the team to express their joy and concerns. It took our employee engagement to the next level and provided us with a great deal of clarity on the workplace adjustments that needed to be made. Our team benefited greatly and provided excellent feedback on their session with Mallika.

Sunil Chugani, CEO, Galaxy Insurance Consultants Pte Ltd


Mallika delivered a short workshop on Pro-Social Matrix during our Learning Week in Singapore which had great participation by over 100 employees. The topic is very relevant to all as we all deal with some level of stress, uncertainty, competition and adversity; and Mallika focused on the keys to overcome those by focusing on our self-reaction/ response to those situations. Mallika’s delivery style is very empathetic and personable which enables the participants to open up and share without hesitation. Overall, I would recommend this workshop to teams, individuals or organizations who operate in VUCA world and need to be resilient to keep their focus & drive.

Shilpa Rawat, Learning Solutions Manager, Schneider Electric

With an increasing focus on the mental wellness of our people in the Singapore office, Mallika was able to provide a fantastic introduction to mindfulness across a few sessions and left a lasting impact on many of the attendees. Conversation has flowed since the mindfulness sessions were delivered with practical applications being encouraged and utilised by Specialists through to Senior Management. Wonderful presenter and great knowledge of the subject matter.

BHP Asia

Mallika…was extremely proficient in her approach to the topic. She conducted a 2 hour workshop for my team and her ability to connect with the audience was amazing. She worked with all of our constraints happily and the session was interactive and customized to what we were after. I look forward to liaising more with Mallika and appreciate her willingness to put herself out there for her clients!

Neha H. Narang, Senior Client Consulting Manager, FactSet Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We are a small (15-headcount) but rapidly growing organization, and our initial session with The Conscious Zone and Joy Works was extremely eye-opening and productive.  We all live and work in an age where even though colleagues sit in close physical proximity, they still drift apart due to the “divisive convenience” that comes through communicating through technology.  The Conscious Zone and Joy Works compel the team to unplug from machines and plug emotionally back into each other, re-injecting the critical component of humanity into the workplace.  You can feel how this can restore a sense of shared mission and accomplishment – and make the workplace a more comfortable and inviting environment.  We highly recommend Mallika, Vadivu and the entire team!

RV Capital

Mallika and Vadivu gave very positive and uplifting presentations during a lunchtime session to the Financial Women’s Association.  They shared details of their quite different career paths which encouraged us to take a step back, consider our options in life and career and make decisions based on balanced views, ignoring any fleeting angst which can sometimes temper one’s view more than it ought.  Through sharing their experiences, stressing the value to business of a positive work culture and conducting exercises on the basics of mindfulness, I think the majority of people left the room calmer, cheerful and more focussed.

Vicky Muenzer-Jones
Solicitor, qualified in England & Wales
Norton Rose Fulbright (Asia) LLP

I found the workshop extremely helpful and the tools give are realistic and do-able.


Mallika is an amazing storyteller. Zerlina is a brilliant presenter. Very professional. Well done!! Never stop doing this workshop.


Even as a non-parent I found this informative and applicable for myself in work/life situations.


I like that the workshop gave strategies and tools to begin the mindfulness journey.


What makes this different from other meditation courses is the concept of mindfulness meditation, especially on emotional regulation.


Grateful for the easy to do strategies & steps in practicing mindfulness. It is a simple action but a big word. This workshop has helped break it down into doable steps.


Really opened up my mind about the practical side of mindfulness and how it can help in daily life.


Mallika’s Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop de-mystified the term mindfulness for me, by sharing its benefits and practical techniques to incorporate it into my daily life. Her passion and knowledge inspires me to explore mindfulness for my personal well-being.