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We all face obstacles and challenges every day. Some of us are able to handle this with equanimity, but not all of us can do this easily. As work pressures increase or difficulties appear in our personal lives, the ability to cope with the stress and anxiety becomes harder and harder.

Poorly managed stress can give rise to an abundance of health and mental health related issues. One study in Singapore showed that 1 in 10 people will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime and many are likely to face depression. (Singapore Mental Health Study 2010)

We can try and boost our emotional resilience to assist us in dealing with the difficulties of life that are becoming all too prevalent today. Acceptance and Commitment Training is a mindfulness-based approach to life can provide us with the skills needed. Psychological Flexibility which forms the basis of this form of work means that you can take steps to handle challenges that arise with greater equanimity and still focus on making your life meaningful.

There are 6 core processes of ACT which form the basis of Psychological flexibility. They are:

  • Acceptance — Accepting, allowing and opening up to emotions – even difficult or challenging ones as opposed to avoiding them, is the basis for this part of the ACT model. This video explains this well:
  • Defusion — Approaching your thoughts in a different way helps us reframe how we deal with them
  • Contacting the Present Moment — Using mindfulness based strategies to focus on the present and connect us to the here and now
  • The Observing Self — Noticing your thoughts and feelings and learning to change your relationship with them
  • Values — Understanding what is important to you in the different domains of your life
  • Committed Action — Taking action and setting goals based on your values of who you want to be in life.

“Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACTraining) aims to improve performance and reduce stress for workers by supporting the development of psychological flexibility at the jobsite. Psychological flexibility is the ability to be in the current moment, mindfully aware of thoughts and emotions, and committed to valued goals. ACTraining is based on the six interactive processes highlighted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy — contacting the present moment, acceptance, defusion, perspective taking, values clarification, and committed action — and has been efficacious in many occupational environments.”*


Here’s what Acceptance and Commitment Training can do for you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase resilience
  • Learn coping mechanisms for everyday challenges
  • Enhance mental wellbeing

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What other clients are saying


I embarked on a journey of mindfulness coaching with Mallika at the beginning of 2020. I turned to her to coach me individually because I intuitively knew that I need to increase my focus and resilience ahead of a big professional project, which was facing me and my company. I expected that our sessions will encourage me to be more in the present moment and reduce stress related to work and the pandemic. Very fast our coaching conversations helped me to increase resilience and to step back and consider alternative perspectives rather than simply react to the events. I experienced so much uncertainty, I felt anxious, fearful and frustrated many times during last year. Mallika helped me acknowledge these situations and made me bring myself back to a centred calm. I could see more clearly what it is I have control over, and what it is I don’t. Finally, Mallika’s sessions became a part of my life routine and very effectively showed me how to proceed with more compassion towards myself and others.

With a tool box of techniques, Mallika supported me to develop inner resources that helped me navigate through difficult and stressful situations with more ease, comfort and grace. I became more aware of my own emotions and the sessions gave me more choice in how to deal with them. It simply wouldn’t be possible for me to survive and thrive without this experience. It exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

— Agnieszka Romanczuk, PhD, HR Director JAPAC, AbbVie Pte. Ltd.


I was first introduced to Mindfulness and The Conscious Zone at a Financial Women’s Association of Singapore lunchtime event in 2018. Over the course of two hours within small breakout teams, we were introduced to Acceptance Commitment Therapy concepts, how to plot out our “toward” and “away” moves, and how to be more aware of our emotions and actions that bring us joy, contentment, confidence and inspiration. At the time, I was looking to develop self-awareness in myself, especially in the workplace, as well as outside the workplace through better personal health management. Since then, I’ve leveraged Mallika for individual coaching sessions, team building exercises and recommended her to other colleagues and friends for corporate coaching. We still continue to meet today every 2-3 months to check in. Last year I onboarded someone into my team who is based in Hong Kong. During a business trip, we spent a half day with Mallika to help identify and map our strengths as individuals and as a team. Since we were still getting to know each other, it was an extremely helpful exercise as we were able to gain valuable insights into each other that had we not done this may have led to misunderstandings and conflict. Our team is stronger than ever and we continue to deploy the techniques we learned in the session to bring out the best in our performance. Mallika has been very flexible in designing the programming we’ve partnered on, so I would encourage you to contact her and she will customize something special to cater to your needs.

— C. O’Sullivan


Mallika is a wonderful mentor into the world of mindfulness. Across a number of sessions, she taught me practical techniques and exercises that I’ve been able to use long after our meetings. A highly recommended experience with an excellent guide.

— Tom Gray

I was curious to find out about mindfulness and as the dots connected, I was introduced to Mallika Kripalani. Her insights stemming from years of experience in coaching children, teens and corporates have made each session an invaluable one. Notwithstanding her professionalism, patience and empathy, her expertise and gift of bestowing one with a mindfulness-oriented mindset add so much value and depth to each day, especially in a corporate setting. Simply priceless!

— Michelle W.

The tools and methods shown in the workshop are easy to follow and practice. I can relate to the examples they gave and happy to try these techniques through my daily life. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing to experience mindfulness.

— Arisa C.

The strategies that Mallika has taught me for dealing with and diffusing anxiety have been truly life changing. Her straight-forward, logical techniques have helped me to learn to shift my way of thinking when anxious thoughts now arise, so that they no longer have the power to take hold and send me into a debilitating spiral. In the end it wasn’t about eliminating the anxiety (which has never worked before anyway), but about learning strategies to function better with it.

— Penny C.

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