Academic Performance Coaching

Students today face increasing pressures to do well academically as well as perform well in other non-academic areas. The problem lies in the perception that there isn’t enough time to get it all done.

This leads to students not coping with school due to a lack of organisational study skills, and an inability to concentrate, which can lead to low grades, anxiety and other issues. Students often do not have effective coping strategies which results in increased stress, especially as they transition from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to becoming adults.

This trend is on the rise with many students siting stress from school as one of the biggest causes. Parents play a role in this too. Anxiety levels are on the rise and without intervention, this can lead to greater mental health issues.

The benefits of learning how to organise time more effectively, understanding what kind of studying technique works best for each student and learning emotional resilience strategies, can hopefully circumvent this worrying trend of stress and anxiety that has become more prevalent in society today.

Learning how to structure time effectively allows students to develop their organisational skills and realise that with planning, they can fit in all that they want to do – including valued recreation time!

Learn-to-Learn strategies highlight how students process information according to their study styles

Providing students with inner motivation strategies by aligning their goals with who they want to be in relation to themselves, others and the world around them, we endeavour to reduce their frustration, understand their strengths in order to develop their academic abilities and build stronger relationships.

  • Better organisational skills leading to better outcomes
  • Stress reduction strategies for times when they feel overwhelmed or need to emotionally self-regulate
  • Strengthen their mental muscles for increased focus and attention
  • Develop compassion, empathy and gratitude

What other clients are saying

Mallika has been a gem in helping my 12 year old girl with her study skills, getting her to be focussed and organised. Mallika is warm yet professional, making us feel welcome and at ease from the first lesson. Putting Mallika’s concrete strategies to work, quickly saw my daughter’s results improve in a few months. As a mum of a teen taking the all-important PSLE, I feel more reassured that my daughter is in good hands to face the challenges in school and social life.
— Yvonne

In such a short time, we have seen such a significant positive impact on Aadam. He has become aware 
of the concept of being self-aware and organised and now appears to have acquired the necessary 
skills set of planning his time with regard to work, play and rest to get the most out of all components. 
He himself has seen a change, the result of which is that he wants to work ever harder as the 
rewards/fruits have become suddenly more tangible and so achievable. His attitude all round has also improved, not only with regard to his school work but also in the manner in which he interacts with his sister and us. Your mindfulness program has done wonders for him and for us as a family. Look forward to more programs from you with possible applicability to people of all ages.

— Moiz Sithawalla, Partner, Tan Rajah & Cheah

Mallika helped me get my life in order, transforming me from a c student, to an A star student. I can vouch for the fact that she is the most qualified teacher in this industry.

— Aadam, 15

I liked going to Mallika, because I felt understood and appreciated her calmness. When I returned home, I was very motivated to accomplish my work plan and usually got a lot done during the week. Thank you for teaching me so much about time management and mindfulness.

— Niklas, 14

Dear Mallika, I really admire your patience with my teenage son and am grateful for the tools you gave him. He liked you, listened to your advice and followed your suggestions. I’m glad that he continues using the work plan which you gave him and encourage him to keep up the good work. He seems to be more calmer and in balance, since he practices mindfulness exercises every now and then. Thank you for all you did.

— Christine, Singapore

Boost Organisational Skills to enhance Academic performance

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