Struggling with challenges is prevalent today. With stress reaching epidemic levels, we are often ill-equipped to deal with what’s going on in our lives.

Added to this, we often feel we don’t have the skills to make effective changes.

We offer workshops for individuals and parents to attend where we provide tools and strategies which can be implemented straight away for effective results. Goal setting and committed action are a part of each workshop ensuring that there is sustainability for long term implementation of these positive and life-transforming strategies.


Reduce Stress and Rediscover Meaning

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Our programmes include:

  • ACT with Mindfulness (SMU School of Business Mindfulness Initiative): Using a combination of formal and informal mindfulness practices, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) strategies, this course will help you align yourself with purpose and meaning at work and beyond. Understanding our values in the different domains of our life can help us develop psychological flexibility and resilience, where our behaviours and actions can determine how we live. See more »
  • Everyday Mindfulness: Learn about mindfulness and its benefits. Committed action and goal setting to develop and deepen your practice. We offer 4 FREE follow up consultations to ensure that goals are being followed, and help revise them if needed. See more »

What other participants say

It was great – learning new techniques to cope with daily life and I enjoyed gaining different perspectives on how to approach my concerns.

— Bhavna

The workshop was insightful as well as enabling to help me to self-reflect and to be more aware of my own nature. The fact that we turned the knowledge that we gleaned into actionable goals was something I find extremely beneficial to take away from an event like this.

— Beryl

Mallika and Zerlina are fantastic educators and facilitators – besides imparting some helpful and practical tips that we can adopt on a daily basis, they kept the session refreshing and interactive, engaging the audience through media and hands-on activities. We left feeling more confident that we could introduce some positive change to the way we raise our children, and invite more calmness and focus in the house. It’s certainly not going to be overnight, but we are optimistic the skills can better help all of us deal with stress in the years to come!

— L.Y.L.

My kids enjoyed the workshop and I am sure they (and I) will find these tools of immense use in our daily lives. So, thank you.

— A.S.

Excellent workshop! I felt that you both provided very useful techniques which I can apply to my family at home.

— K.F.

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