New Horizons – Stress Reduction & Resilience Training

For Primary 5 and 6 students

Students are under tremendous pressure to perform well, not only in their academic subjects, but also in their external pursuits in sports and the arts. Not all students are equipped with the skills to meet the many demands on their time. The multiple commitments of school life, when not well-managed, add to the anxiety and stress which are part and parcel of the tween/teen years.

In New Horizons, students will learn skills to cope with the changes ahead, develop their strengths, manage their time and reduce stress, especially as they approach the multiple exams they need to take.

Learning Objectives

  • Self Esteem and Self Compassion games and exercises
  • Learning to value self and understanding how values-based action can motivate for future success
  • Identifying and managing stress – learning strategies to cope (mindfulness)
  • Tools to help with communication at home and school
  • Importance of organisational skills 
  • Understanding what kind of learner you are 
  • Social and Emotional Skills – The Empathy ‘game’
  • Understanding how our mind works
  • Reflection and review

Time:   TBA

Where: TBD

Cost: $380 for 2 x 3-hour sessions. Minimum 5 people to start.

Payable via link at the time of registration. Your enrolment into the course is only confirmed after payment. 

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Testimonials from student participants

I like studying myself to know more about myself. Before the lesson, I did not know as much as I do now. It was really helpful and fun, playing games and getting to understand what goals, strengths and values we have.

Marcus, 12


Learning how to calm down, reach goals and think positively.

Elisha, 12


I learnt how to manage Sec 1 better and how to be mindful and make friends. I also made friends during the workshop.

Amber, 12